Geneva Street, 264 - 4th Floor - cd. 42 | Bela Vista
Zip Code 01316-010 - Sao Paulo | SP

+55 11 3241-2789



DER-SP – Department of Road Running in the State of São Paulo • Specialized Services for Weight Control and Load Vehicle Dimensions, through equipment Portable Dynamic and Auxiliary Devices.  No Contract 11.710-9 – DR-2 –

CDHU – Housing and Urban Development Company of the East. S. Paul • Technical Services Engineering and Support to Social Development in the Feasibility Study Development of Sectoral Program Projects, Neighborhoods in Bela Vista,

City of São Paulo / SES • Technical Services for Deployment and Update of Technical Registration Public Lighting Network in São Paulo - Project ILUMI.  Agreement No. 032 / SES / 2011 - ILUME-1 City of São

OF THE – Department of Highways of the State of São Paulo • Technical Services and Administrative Support Management, On the Review, Monitoring of Development and Functional Analysis of Projects, basic, executives, Environmental Studies and Agreements with municipalities,

ARTESP - Agency of São Paulo State Transport • Implementing Specialized Technical Services of Consulting Engineering in Support of legal competence of ARTESP activities on the Supervision of the State Road stretches granted the exploitation of


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